No Bitstrips for me.

Jayde's Insulting Bitstrips Jayde’s Insulting Bitstrips Avatar

After spending weeks finding it annoying, and having my Facebook wall clogged up with rather uninspiring and rather dull comics and of course making snide jibes about it, I tried to do a Bitstrips avatar this evening because i’m incredibly vain and lacking in things to do here in Mallorca – on my own – in a hotel room, but i’m frankly quite insulted at the lack of body shapes Bitstrips has to offer. I can either choose to be athletic (which I am not) or fat and round like a Christmas pudding (which I am not either). I was however happy to see my hair and clothes style weren’t available which implies i’m quite the unique snowflake which suits my ego perfectly. This is as close as I could get it. Notice the complete lack of a waist line and terrible trousers.

So I shall not be joining the Bitstrips Comic Brigade.

I will point you in the direction of my mate Lee Bacon who can draw very accurate and actually very funny cartoons of people. This blog currently is ‘under construction’ (which means I haven’t moved my lazy ass to change it because i’ve been watching too much Twilight, Ellen and Graham Norton) HOWEVER the one good bit on here are the cartoons at the top.Lee, my mate who is married to a school chum of mine is incredibly good at drawing stuff. Here is his website where you can buy stuff from him but below is an incredibly accurate cartoon of Miley Cyrus he did.

You can catch his Twitter feed here as well, where he often posts his doodlings.


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