The entertainers are taking over.

So Russell ‘Messiah’ Brand wants to start a peaceful revolution and is being hailed as some sort of Jesus. Here’s a picture of him looking like Jesus.

Russell 'Jesus' Brand

And Eddie Izzard is running for mayor of London in 2020? Here’s a picture of Eddie looking like a female ex pat. (below)

Eddie Izzard

I heard he plans on running London in a pair of heels.

It’s good that British entertainers are stepping up to the mark and showing the rest of the world that we’re not just Kings, Queens and pedophiles. because ‘Joe’ knows Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Ian Watkins haven’t really done us any favours in that department.

Jesse ' The Body' Ventura - President of USAIn American news:  WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura is going to be running for President in 2016.

Been having a re think and just aiming to be a comedian is a pretty low goal to be honest. In my 40’s I should be running for prime minister. And I don’t have any rich and powerful friends I don’t have to keep sweet so already i’m going to save the country a lot of money. Also we need some lady entertainers stepping up to the mark for no other reason other than the fact we haven’t yet. I also know very little about our current political system and i’ll wear my silver jacket to the get togethers at the House of Commons. Here’s a mock up of a possible future government.

thefuturecabinet ‘Russell Brand MP and Edward Izzard MP wish the PM wouldn’t sing opera at every meeting they have.’

I’ve always said comedians would make very good political leaders.

Not Jim Davison.

2 Replies to “The entertainers are taking over.”

  1. Jesse Ventura is a dangerous man who cannot be trusted.
    He defrauded the people of Minnesota to become Governor.
    He lied about being a Navy SEAL and stole the valor of others
    for publicity to win the 1998 election by 56,363 votes, less
    than 3% of the 2 million votes cast.
    Ventura bribed a guy to leave the 1998 Reform Party so he
    wouldn’t have competition in the primary and when complaints
    were filed against him for election violations he bribed the
    investigators to fix the investigation of the complaints.
    This is well documented in my book “ALWAYS CHEAT”.
    Call me for a complimentary copy.
    Leslie Davis – 612-529-5253

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