Me not understanding contemporary art.

Reina Sofia

I went to the Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid for a few hours today. To be honest, I barely understood any of it. I never do. Seems all a bit pretentious to me. I like to be entertained and surprised but having to stand and figure something out, well i’d rather go and do ballet again. This is a picture of me not understanding a piece My Mum had an idea for it, even though she works at Asda – she is a lot cleverer than I am with art. She said it this on her Facebook post…

‘It’s a row of nice white baby’s nappies hanging out dry in the sun, but it’s too bright for you and you have pulled the curtains, but you can still see their shadow, just to remind you how hot it is and how white they are. There you go, I am now thinking of baby’s and a lovely summers day. Not bad for someone who doesn’t understand much.’

She got a few likes on that which she was chuffed with. So there’s my interpretation of art vicariously through my Mum.

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